Budget Planning Regulation

The budget calendar prepared by the Superintendent of Schools shall include: A schedule which sets forth all important meetings and dates, including deadlines for budget proposals from within the district; Commencement dates and deadlines for certain budgetary tasks, such as the estimation of all revenues and income expected to be ... Read full policy

Budget Planning

The Superintendent of Schools, with the assistance of the Business Manager, shall be responsible for the preparation of the budget. This shall include developing a budget calendar in accordance with the Budget Planning Regulation, and adhering to that calendar. The budget calendar shall be approved by the Board of Trustees ... Read full policy

Budget Transfers

The transfer of funds between and within functional unit appropriations of the General Fund is commonly required during the school year. The Superintendent of Schools, based on the recommendation of the Business Manager, is authorized to make budget transfers, not to exceed $25,000.00 between line item accounts. The Superintendent of ... Read full policy

Busing Policy

The Wainscott Common School District is concerned about the safety and wellbeing of all students as they are transported to and from the School to attend classes. At the end of the school day, students who are returned to their respective homes (or to the homes of other students, when ... Read full policy

Bus Rules and Regulations

The Wainscott Common School District furnishes transportation to those students whose disability or distance from the school makes the service essential. Except as otherwise mandated in a student's Individualized Education Program (IEP), riding these buses is a privilege and may be withdrawn if the student does not comply with the ... Read full policy

Contracting for Professional Services

The Board of Trustees will make certain that professional services are secured in a manner that protects the integrity of the process, ensures the prudent use of taxpayer dollars and provides a high quality standard of service, in accordance with law and regulation. Professional services are defined as services requiring ... Read full policy

Claims Audit Function

The Board of Trustees will perform the claims audit function for the district. The claims audit function formally examines, allows or rejects all accounts, charges, claims or demands against the school district. The auditing process should determine: That the proposed payment is for a valid and legal purpose That the ... Read full policy

Code of Ethics

CODE OF ETHICS FOR ALL DISTRICT PERSONNEL General Provisions Pursuant to the provisions of General Municipal Law Section 806, the Board of Education of the Wainscott Common School District recognizes that there are rules of ethical conduct for members of the Board and employees of the District that must be ... Read full policy

Code of Conduct

Introduction The Wainscott Common School District Code of Conduct was developed by the Site-Based Management Team to express in writing the goals of the Wainscott CSD School Board, which are to provide a safe and orderly school environment where students may receive and district personnel may deliver quality educational services ... Read full policy

Dignity For All Students

DIGNITY FOR ALL STUDENTS ACT The Dignity for all Students Act was signed into law on September 13, 2010 and takes effect on July 1, 2012; this Act amended Section 801-a of New York State Education Law regarding instruction in civility, citizenship, and character education by expanding the concepts of ... Read full policy

Dress Code

The goal at Wainscott School is to have a safe and orderly school. Responsible behavior by all members of our school community is important in order to meet this goal. It is shown that dressing appropriately and taking care of oneself will have a positive effect on the attitude and ... Read full policy

FOIL Request Form

FOIL FORM FILLABLE_201702240850088022 ... Read full policy


The objectives of the district’s investment policy are to safeguard district funds and to minimize risk, to ensure that investments mature when cash is required to finance operations, and to ensure a competitive rate of return. In accordance with this policy, the District Treasurer is authorized to invest and/or deposit ... Read full policy

Investments Regulation

Authorized Investments The District Treasurer is authorized to invest all available district funds, including proceeds of obligations and reserve funds, in the following types of instruments: Savings Accounts or Money Market accounts of designated banks; Certificates of Deposit issued by a bank or trust company located in and authorized to ... Read full policy

Impartial Hearing Officer Appointment

The Board of Trustees will appoint impartial hearing officers (IHO), as needed, to hear complaints regarding the identification, evaluation, or placement of students with disabilities, or the provision of a free, appropriate public education to such a student in accordance with the rotational selection process and other applicable procedures described ... Read full policy

Medicaid Compliance

The School District prohibits any form of retaliation against, or intimidation of, any employee or agent for filing a bona fide report within the School District under this policy, requesting clarification about applicable laws or regulations, giving notice of non-compliance or wrongdoing regarding matters covered by this policy, assisting or ... Read full policy

Parents Bill of Rights

Wainscott Common School is committed to protecting the privacy and security of student, teacher, and principal data. In accordance with New York Education Law§ 2-d, parents, legal guardians and persons in parental relation to a student are entitled to certain rights with regard to their child's personally identifiable information. The ... Read full policy

Petty Cash

A $200 petty cash fund shall be established for the school for the purchase of materials, supplies or services under conditions requiring immediate payment. The amount of individual reimbursement from the fund will not exceed fifty (50) dollars unless authorized by the Superintendent of Schools. The Board of Trustees shall ... Read full policy

Purchasing Procedures Regulation

The purchasing of materials, equipment, or supplies shall be governed by the following list of functions: FUNCTION                                                                    ... Read full policy

Purchasing Procedures

Only through the use of efficient purchasing procedures can the school district ensure that needed goods and services are acquired in the most economical manner. The Board of Trustees directs the Superintendent of Schools to develop administrative regulations on how purchasing is to be done in the district. All purchasing ... Read full policy

Purchasing Authority

The Board of Trustees designates the Superintendent of Schools as Purchasing Agent for the school district. The Board shall formally designate the individual named as purchasing agent at the annual reorganizational meeting, which will be recorded in the minutes of that meeting. If the individual so named becomes unable to ... Read full policy


The Board of Trustees views purchasing as serving the educational program by providing necessary supplies, equipment and related services. It is the goal of the Board to purchase competitively, without prejudice or favoritism, and to seek the maximum educational value for every dollar expended. Competitive bids or quotations shall be ... Read full policy

Petty Cash Account

A $200 petty cash fund shall be established for the school for the purchase of materials, supplies or services under conditions requiring immediate payment. The amount of individual reimbursement from the fund will not exceed fifty (50) dollars unless authorized by the Superintendent of Schools. The Board of Trustees shall ... Read full policy

Student Computer Use


Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

SECTION 1: PURPOSE Wainscott Common School District believes in the dignity of the individual and recognizes the rights of all people to equal employment opportunities in the workplace. In this regard, Wainscott Common School District is committed to a policy of protecting and safeguarding the rights and opportunities of all ... Read full policy

Staff Computer Policy

The Wainscott Board of Trustees affirms the District’s commitment to preparing students for the 21st century and global society. Students need to be technologically literate to become successful, productive citizens and to succeed in an internationally competitive work force. Educational technology is to be integrated into instruction and management to ... Read full policy

Transportation – Public Schools

The Board of Trustees, while recognizing that, according to [ ], it does not have the obligation to transport its resident students who live less than [ ] from school to that school, it values the safety of its students and, therefore, will provide transportation to all of its resident ... Read full policy
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