Busing Policy

The Wainscott Common School District is concerned about the safety and wellbeing of all students as they are transported to and from the School to attend classes. At the end of the school day, students who are returned to their respective homes (or to the homes of other students, when such permission is granted by the parents) via school bus are to be met at the driveway of the home by a parent or other designated individual. Students are not permitted to exit the bus unless met by an adult who has permission to escort the child from the bus; exceptions to this rule may be made on an individual basis, with full consideration of the request and circumstances surrounding that request, and the parent’s absolving the District of any responsibility in granting such a request.


If a parent or other designated individual is not present to meet the bus at student drop-off time, the student will be returned to the School at the end of the bus run, after all other students have been returned home. Acknowledging the burden that this places on school staff who must tend to the child(ren) while awaiting the arrival of a parent or designated individual, the following procedure will be in place:


First offense of the semester (September 1-January 31 / February 1 – June 30)

Warning is issued


Second offense of the semester

Student is denied bus transportation for two (2) school days


Third offense of the semester

Student is denied bus transportation for five (5) school days

Child Protective Services is notified of neglect


The Board of Trustees will consider compensation for staff who must stay beyond their contractual work day.

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