Purchasing Authority

The Board of Trustees designates the Superintendent of Schools as Purchasing Agent for the school district. The Board shall formally designate the individual named as purchasing agent at the annual reorganizational meeting, which will be recorded in the minutes of that meeting. If the individual so named becomes unable to fulfill the duties during the course of the year, the Board will designate another purchasing agent that the next Board meeting. The Purchasing Agent will be responsible for administering all purchasing activities and ensuring the quality and quantity of purchases made by the district.

All purchases shall be made through the Purchasing Agent.

The Purchasing Agent is authorized to issue purchase orders without prior approval of the Board when formal bidding procedures are not required by law and budget appropriations are adequate to cover such obligations.

The Purchasing Agent shall be responsible for preparing all bid specifications and a statement of general bidding conditions to be included in every notice or invitation to bid. If there are questions concerning specifications, the Purchasing Agent will consult with the requisitioner to clarify the matter so as to ensure that the appropriate goods or services are obtained.

Ref: General Municipal Law §104-b(2)(f)

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