Dress Code

The goal at Wainscott School is to have a safe and orderly school. Responsible behavior by all members of our school community is important in order to meet this goal. It is shown that dressing appropriately and taking care of oneself will have a positive effect on the attitude and success of each student.


Appropriate dress reinforces a positive image and attitude conducive to a safe and productive educational environment and prepares students for future academic and professional growth. Anything worn or carried to school must be free of logos that refer to drugs, tobacco, alcohol and/or violence. We realize retailers sell merchandise that contains sarcastic and amusing comments or graphics. We appreciate your co-operation in helping us maintain a positive message in our learning community.


Clothing should fit the child properly (not too big, too tight, too short, etc.).
Clothing should be well-maintained and properly laundered.
Midriffs and backs should be covered and clothes should not be unduly revealing.
Underwear must be completely covered at all times.
Clothing must be free from hanging objects/straps which can cause harm or injury.


For the safety of our students, feet should be completely encased in shoes. Shoes that have been proven to be unsafe, such as flip-flops, platforms, shoes with wheels, heels and slides are strongly discouraged. Due to this safety concern, outdoor activities for children who wear this type of footwear will be restricted.


Heads should be uncovered in building except for religious or health reasons.


Outerwear, backpacks and clothing must be free from hanging objects/straps which can cause harm or injury.

The Wainscott Dress Code is in compliance with NY State S.A.V.E.. Adherence is therefore required. Students violating this dress code will remove or cover the offending item and, if necessary or practical, replace it with an acceptable item.

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