Budget Planning Regulation

The budget calendar prepared by the Superintendent of Schools shall include:

  • A schedule which sets forth all important meetings and dates, including deadlines for budget proposals from within the district;
  • Commencement dates and deadlines for certain budgetary tasks, such as the estimation of all revenues and income expected to be received by the district; and
  • Events such as the preliminary dates for the Board of Trustees’ consideration of the tentative budget.

As part of the budget planning process, the Superintendent of Schools and the Business Manager will evaluate:

  • The educational philosophy, goals and objectives of the District and their modification where required:
  • The district education program and support systems, such as transportation;
  • Census and enrollment projections;
  • The condition of the physical plant for operation and maintenance needs;
  • Debt service schedules; and
  • Estimated revenue from sources other than property tax (e.g. Federal aid)

Adoption date: August 21, 2013

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