February 2018


Kindergarten Learning Topics

Compare numbers: More or less
Practice addition
Letters Ff,Dd,Rr
CVC words
Review alphabet

First Grade Learning Topics

Compare numbers;Tens and Ones
Practice math flashcards, spelling, and read fluency passage daily
“Ar, er, ir ,ur” words
Publish work


Animal Adaptations (fur, feathers, beak, claws, etc)

Social Studies

President’s Day

Second Grade Learning Topics

Multiplication Facts and Strategies
Biographies, presentations, and plurals.

Third Grade Learning Topics

Fractions and Numbers on a Numberline.
Biographies, presentations, writing strategies, and vocabulary.


Arctic Habitats
Desert Habitats
Ocean Habitats

Social Studies

Black History Month
St. Valentines Day History


1-12-18 Jennyfer & Jessica
1-19-18 John & Paige

Upcoming Events

February 1st – Visit Guild Hall
February 2nd – LI Science Center
February 5th – D.A.R.E.
Gym – Yoag
February 7th – Gym – Swimming
February 9th – E.H. Library
February 12th – D.A.R.E
Gym – Yoga
February 13th – WHBPAC “Go Dog Go”
February 14th – Gym – Swimming
Board Meeting @ 5:30
February 19th – 23rd – No School

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