January 2018


Kindergarten Learning Topics

Read, write, count numbers 0-20, fluency
Introduction to addition
Letters Ii, Gg, Rr
CVC words
Review alphabet

First Grade Learning Topics

Place Value
Practice math flashcards, spelling, and read fluency passage daily
Long u and short u
Writing stories using transitional words, first, next, then, last.


Winter animal habitats

Social Studies

Map skills
Cardinal directions

Second Grade Learning Topics

Addition and Subtraction within 1,000 with word problems to 100
Informative Writing, Character Analysis, and Verb Tenses

Third Grade Learning Topics

Multiplying for Area
Close Reading Strategies,Practice, and Vocabulary


Winter Habitats and Animal Adaptations

Social Studies

Civil Rights and Liberties


12-1-17 Dylan C & Emma
12-8-17 Leslie & Olivia
12-15-17 Zoe & Lila
12-22-17 Carmen & Daniel

Upcoming Events

January 2nd – School ReOpens
January 3rd – Gym – Tennis
January 8th – Gym – Yoga
January 10th – Gym – Tennis
January 12th – East Hampton Library
January 15th – No School
January 17th – Gym – Tennis
Board Meeting @ 5:30 pm
January 22nd – Gym – Yoga
January 24th – Gym – Tennis
January 26th – Goodnight Moon @ WHBPAC

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